Spectometry's smart tracking system helps parents find the patterns between their child's biomedical treatment and symptoms to accelerate their recovery from autism.

How it Works


Track your child's nutrition, symptoms, stress, mood, medication.


Analyze the connection between your symptoms and triggers.


Get actionable insights to help reduce your child's ATEC score


Supplement Scheduling

Gluten-Free, Keto, and Other Diet Plans

Symptom Tracking

Chelation schedulingand notifications

Progress chartsand graphs

Pattern recognition and suggestions

What Our Users Say

The Answer To My Prayers

I was completely lost before discovering Spectometry. I didn't have the time to learn all about biomedical treatments on my own so this has been a godsend.

50 Point ATEC Reduction

The ability to reference historical data has done wonders for my child's recovery. Spectometry noticed a trend that sulfur-based foods and supplements were causing major regression with my son. After eliminating them, his recovery really accelerated.

Amazing Progress

No more meltdowns. No more banging his head on the wall. No more punching his little sister. The weekly progress reports along with recommendations really make things easy for me.

The Spectometry Story

We want our child's recovery story to become 1000s of recovery stories

When our child was diagnosed with extreme autism, we knew we wanted a complete recovery. After countless research, trail and error, and many experimental bio-medical therapies, we developed a systematic approach to eliminating his symptoms and making him healthy. As of today, we've reduced 125 points off his Atec score. Biomedical treatment can be complicated and overwhelming. The hard work that we put into recovering our child can help save others. Our mission to save our child has become our mission to help every parent with an autistic child save their child. There is nothing more important in a parent's life than helping their children. Let's walk this journey together.

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